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Press Release: Johnson Campaign Calls Out Rigged System

Johnson Campaign Calls Out Rigged System

Hyers Highlights NJ Democratic Party Chair’s Claim that Phil Murphy has all 21 County Lines Before Most Delegates Even Vote at Conventions 

NEWARK, N.J. —  In an article today released by Politico profiling Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Jim Johnson, State Democratic Chairman John Currie was quoted, saying, “In New Jersey, the candidate with the party lines gives him an advantage and [Murphy] has all 21.” This claim is inaccurate. To date, only 2 county conventions have been held, endorsing Murphy, with 19 still left to go. All 21 county chairs have endorsed Murphy. “New Jersey’s political system is a sham process. The party bosses have apparently already spoken as to who is the nominee, long before anyone gets to vote. The people are tired of bought-and-paid-for candidates, tired of a rigged system that favors billionaires and insiders, and now are demanding to have a say in the process,” said Bill Hyers of the Johnson Campaign.

Murphy has also made significant contributions to New Jersey county parties. A recent AP story noted that those contributions include more than $100,000 to the Bergen County Democrats, but also tens of thousands to the parties in Middlesex, Monmouth, Passaic and Union counties. The state Democratic Party also received $36,000.

Yesterday, Johnson called on Murphy to agree to a spending cap of $15 million in the Democratic primary. The Murphy campaign responded with a one word answer: No.


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