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Press Release: Jim Johnson Releases Proposal for Ethics and Electoral Reform

Jim Johnson Releases Proposal for Ethics and Electoral Reform

Pledges to Clean up Trenton and Put Power Back in the Hands of the People 

NEWARK, N.J. — Today, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jim Johnson released his proposal for ethics and electoral reform in New Jersey. The release falls on the same day as the New Jersey Chamber of Commerce “Walk to Washington,” which Johnson will boycott and instead donated the cost of two tickets to a Trenton charity. Johnson will also engage with voters about his plan for reform at Newark Penn train station before the train’s departure on Thursday morning.

“All over the country, people equate New Jersey politics with shady backroom deals. Each election year, political insiders and Democratic party bosses handpick candidates that will serve them instead of engaging in a fair and democratic process where the people decide who is best fit to serve.” said Johnson. “As a result, we have a government that favors special interests and lobbyists over the working people of New Jersey. This insidious cycle has gone on far too long, and in 2017, it’s time to make change at the ballot box.”

Johnson has developed a three-part plan to restore democracy in New Jersey, which includes ethics, voting rights and electoral reform. To address the self-serving politics of Trenton, as Governor, Johnson will eliminate no-bid contracts, enact strong rules against lobbying, implement a transparency pledge and permit only one public pension per official. Johnson will fight against voter suppression by making early voting accessible on the weekends and implementing online, automatic and same-day voter registration. He will also make elections more competitive by abolishing ballot lines. Additionally, Johnson will double-down on his commitment to campaign finance reform by calling for legislation that discloses dark money donors.

At the Brennan Center for Social Justice, Johnson spent much of his time fighting the negative impact of money in politics. In the race for Governor, Johnson has already shown his commitment to campaign reform by agreeing to participate in New Jersey’s public financing system, which limits his campaign spending to no more than $6.2 million in the primary.  Johnson was the first candidate in the race to qualify for matching public funds.

“Over the course of my career, I have challenged powerful interests on behalf of everyday people and won. I believe in the power of democracy. I believe that our society is stronger when each and every voice is heard. As Governor, I will end the under-the-table culture in Trenton and put power back in the hands of the New Jerseyans.”

The full text of his plan can be found here.


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