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Press Release: Johnson Calls for Ban on Lobbying Governor’s Office by Campaign Staff and Consultants

Johnson Calls for Ban on Lobbying Governor’s Office by Campaign Staff and Consultants

Pledges to work to restore trust in state government and put the people’s interests over the powerful

NEWARK, N.J. —  Jim Johnson today pledged to ban all of his campaign staff and consultants from lobbying the Governor’s office if he is elected, and called on his Democratic opponents to pledge to do the same. Johnson believes the only way to make the people’s voice heard in Trenton and to bring real change to New Jersey on issues like education, jobs, and social justice is to implement common sense solutions to dramatically change the cozy insider culture prevalent in our state government.

“We have a chance to change the corrupt, insider-focused culture of Trenton and make real progress on issues important to all residents of New Jersey, but only if we are willing to stand up to the party bosses and lobbyists who are standing in the way,” said Johnson. “Stopping the cozy insider relationships and revolving-door of staff and lobbyists is one concrete step every candidate for Governor can take to restore trust in our state government and put the people’s interests over the powerful.”

“Already in this campaign, I have challenged my opponents to show their support for campaign finance reform and agree to a $15 million spending cap, and I have put out an aggressive ethics reform proposal that would take away the power of powerful insiders and return it to the people,” continued Johnson. “Despite the fact that no Democratic candidate has ever spent more than $7 million in a primary, my opponents said no to a $15 million cap. Today, I’m giving them another chance to do the right thing by agreeing to ban any staff or consultant who worked on their campaigns from lobbying the Governor’s office if elected.  This is a common-sense proposal that all candidates for Governor should eagerly embrace to show the people that they will put their interests before the powerful.”

Johnson has called on fellow gubernatorial candidates to agree to a $15 million spending cap in the primary. As the only candidate who has qualified for public financing, Johnson is limited to spending $6.6 million through June 6th. Last week, Johnson furthered his commitment to cleaning up Trenton by boycotting the annual “Walk to Washington” train ride and releasing his plan for ethics reform instead, which includes eliminating no-bid contracts, limiting the role of big money in elections, and expanding the right to vote. Johnson’s full ethics proposal can be found here.


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