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Press Release: Jim Johnson Reiterates Commitment to New Jersey’s Immigrant Communities

NJPAC Forum #4: Jim Johnson Reiterates Commitment to New Jersey’s Immigrant Communities

NEWARK —  With approximately 50,000 immigrants settling in the state every year, New Jersey’s immigrant communities have become integral to the rich fabric of our state. New Jersey has the nation’s fifth-largest population of foreign-born residents — a community that not only contributes to our economy as entrepreneurs and job creators but also pays more than $6.5 billion in state and local taxes each year.

Under President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions, New Jersey immigrants are afraid to leave their homes, go to work and send their children to school. As a result, our communities are suffering, our businesses are failing, and our children are falling behind. Now more than ever, New Jersey needs a Governor who is prepared to stand up for what’s right and fight back.


Jim has proposed the creation of an interagency Immigration Council to assist legal immigrants in navigating the immigration landscape under the Trump administration. The Council would assist immigrant families in finding competent and adequate legal representation, ensure equal access to healthcare and education, and protect federal funding for New Jersey’s sanctuary cities.

As one its first actions, the Council, in conjunction with nonprofit organizations and legal groups, will oversee a continued increase of the number of pro-bono lawyers available to families facing uncertain immigration situations. Johnson first called for such an increase in November, shortly after the election of President Trump.  Additionally, the Council will work with the state legislature on passing a bill to prevent predatory lawyers from taking advantage of immigrant families seeking assistance.

Read Jim’s full plan here.


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