Real Democracy: Ethics and Electoral Reform

Real Change Requires Real Democracy:

Jim Johnson’s Ethics and Electoral Reform Plan

Around the country, New Jersey politics has become synonymous with shady, backroom deals. For decades, bipartisan groups of elected and unelected leaders have created a politics that takes care of those in office rather than the people they are supposed to serve. Every election year, the political insiders and party bosses handpick candidates rather than give voice to the will of the people. The result is fewer dollars for schools and hospitals and taxpayer relief. It means more federal grants lost due to incompetence. It means a government that responds to special interests, rather than the needs of working families. Real change requires real democracy.

It is going to take an independent change agent who is willing to call the insiders out and tell them that this time will be different. Jim Johnson has taken on the mob and drug cartels as a federal prosecutor, and has a long history of bringing communities together to achieve results. He won’t be afraid to challenge the powerful. Johnson has a six-part plan to clean up Trenton and put power back where it belongs: in the hands of the people of this state.

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