Jim Johnson’s Trump Protection Plan

Trump Protection Plan

Trump Protection Plan

Protecting New Jersey from Donald Trump

Donald Trump has proven in the first 100+ days of his presidency that he is a direct threat to the safety and welfare of the people of New Jersey.  He has threatened the rule of law, gutted our institutions, bullied the most vulnerable, divided us and sought to profit shamelessly from his role as national leader.  Launched with his “carnage speech” at his inauguration, Trump’s vision of America is devoid of hope and riddled with cynicism, and that combined with his destructive policies will have a devastating impact on New Jersey and its people.

The next Governor is the best line of defense for New Jersey.  Since New Jersey will have the first election in the country for Governor in the Trump era, Democratic candidate Jim Johnson has proposed a “Trump Protection Plan” for the state.  It includes the following 5-point agenda to protect New Jersey against Donald Trump:

Oppose Trump’s Attacks on the Rule of Law – Appoint a Strong AG and Judges, Support Criminal Justice Reforms

  1. To protect against Trump’s attacks on the rule of law, Jim Johnson pledges to appoint an Attorney General who will fight against the Justice Department’s efforts to turn back the clock on vital reforms to our criminal justice system, voting rights, and fundamental justice for all our people, and appoint judges that reflect the strength, talent and diversity of our state.

Oppose Trump’s Attacks on Immigrants – Create NJ Immigration Council

  1. To protect against Trump’s egregious immigration policies and ensure that everyone is treated fairly in New Jersey, Jim Johnson pledges to create the New Jersey Immigration Council to help those most at risk, ensure they have adequate legal representation, equal access to education and healthcare, and ensure municipalities aren’t stripped of needed federal funds. Johnson would also create a “lawyer surge” that would provide pro bono legal services on immigration cases.

Oppose Trump’s Attacks on Health Care – Provide Single-Payer Health Care and Protect Planned Parenthood

  1. To protect the people of New Jersey from the potential loss of health care services under “Trump Care”, Jim Johnson pledges to support a Medicare-for-All single-payer health care system if the Affordable Care Act is overturned, and ensure Planned Parenthood and other family planning providers have the resources they need to provide critical and life-saving care to communities.

Oppose Trump’s Attacks on the Middle Class – Pass Families Bill of Rights, Pre-K, Equal Pay, Retirement and Foreclosure Protections

  1. To protect working families that stand to fall even further behind due to Trump and his dangerous economic agenda, Jim Johnson pledges to pass a Families Bill of Rights. Trump and his administration full of former Goldman Sachs executives have proved time and time again that they stand for the interests of corporations over the interests of working families. The bill will protect homes and address economic inequality by providing strong housing and foreclosure protections, ensuring a $15 minimum wage, equal pay for equal work, paid family leave, and affordable child care, as well passing a millionaire’s tax and dedicating some of the revenue to implement pre-K for all children.

Oppose Trump’s Attacks on the Environment – Implement Strong Environmental Protections

  1. To protect New Jersey’s environment from the climate-change denying and corporate polluting Trump administration, Jim Johnson pledges to implement a strong, science-based environmental protection policy that includes stopping oil pipelines, supporting clean energy production, reversing Governor Christie’s executive order weakening environmental regulatory standards and appointing a chief science officer along with other experts in key state environmental posts.

New Jersey is under attack daily from the Trump administration.  Our values, and our people, will be irreparably harmed if our next Governor doesn’t stand up and protect them from President Trump.  Jim Johnson’s “Trump Protection Plan” offers a concrete way to fight back – before it’s too late.

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