The Issues: New Jersey Education Plan

Jim Johnson’s Education Plan: For Our Children

New Jersey used to be a leader in education, but for the last eight years, we’ve taken steps backward. As the son, nephew and father of teachers, I come from a family that views education as the essential pathway to success. My parents’ commitment to education allowed me to become a first generation college student — an education I was able to pay for by taking out student loans.

As Governor, I will draw from my experience to ensure that every child, regardless of race, income status, or zip code has access to high-quality education. Putting all of our kids on the same path to a bright future is not only the right thing to do, it’s a smart investment when it comes to growing our state’s economy.

That’s why I have proposed programs to restore the promise of education to all of New Jersey’s students, including universal pre-K, middle school afterschool programs, “Serve to Learn” service programs, and two free years of community college. Read my plans at the links below.

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