Protecting our Environment

Jim Johnson’s Environment and Energy Plan

Ask any parent: a healthy environment is the foundation upon which we can raise strong, healthy, and happy children, but for too long, the strength of our energy system, the quality of the air we breathe, and the safety of the water we drink have been pawns in political games.

Instead of focusing on how to best develop New Jersey’s innovative clean energy sector, our leaders used clean energy funding as a budget slush fund. Instead of protecting our families from environmental challenges present and future, they neglected the urgency of climate change, and failed to regulate dangerous chemicals in our drinking water. As the challenges mounted, our leaders cut backroom deals that favored special interests.

It’s high time that we put the people of New Jersey first.

As Governor, Jim Johnson will commit to restoring New Jersey’s role as a leader in clean energy development, and in environmental protection. He believes that clean energy can be a driving force for a strong economy, and that a healthy environment is the foundation upon which New Jersey is built.

Read Jim Johnson’s plans below.

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