The Issues: Leading New Jersey Home

“Leading New Jersey Home”

Jim Johnson’s Affordable Housing Plan

A recent report by FiveThirtyEight noted that, “activists and experts say the U.S. is in the midst of its worst affordable housing crisis in decades.” In New Jersey, we are at the heart of that crisis. New Jersey is the fifth most expensive state to rent a two-bedroom apartment. Millennials in New Jersey are living at home longer than anywhere else in America. Seniors worry that they can no longer afford to remain in the communities they have loved and that now nurture them. By failing to prioritize the creation of affordable housing, Trenton has created a vicious cycle where lack of housing limits good job opportunities and revenue for local communities, resulting in higher taxes and fewer services. In order to turn that around, the state needs to make a sustained effort to invest in affordable housing. New Jersey can lead the way in creating a new vision of affordable housing that is environmentally sustainable, oriented towards mass transportation and resilient to natural disasters. Jim’s comprehensive plan includes ideas to increase affordable housing, lower property taxes and stop the foreclosure crisis. Those investments will bring back massive returns to our neighborhoods, both in terms of economic activity and community strength. The success of this program depends on a Department of Housing that is responsive, sets rules that make sense for the way people live, and is grounded upon a commitment to service that is set by the tone at the top.

Read Jim’s three part plan to tackle affordable housing, property taxes, and foreclosures.

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Leading New Jersey Home

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