The Issues: Rebuilding Our Economy

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  • Expand mass transit by building the Gateway Tunnel and the new Port Authority Bus Terminal
  • Invest in infrastructure jobs, especially in economically disadvantaged communities and use impact on inequality as criteria for transportation projects
  • Restore funding to the New Jersey Transit system


  • Prevent New Jersey from becoming a Right to Work State
  • Protect workers’ rights to collectively bargain and oppose all efforts to weaken these rights
  • Enact legislation that forbids employers from paying tipped workers less than the minimum wage
  • Enact legislation to prevent wage theft and publicize companies that violate wage theft provisions

Innovation, Science & Technology

  • Create a State Innovation Office that works to develop intellectual property and license patents
  • Invest in growing industries like green energy and high-tech manufacturing
  • Prioritize STEM education, especially for women and people of color
  • Protect Net Neutrality
  • Increase public funds to connect more citizens to high-speed Internet
  • Protect the right for states and municipalities to build their own wireless and broadband networks


Working Families

  • Raise the minimum wage to $15
  • Increase financial assistance for job training, apprenticeship, and summer job programs
  • Provide Earned Sick Leave and Paid Family Leave for all New Jerseyans
  • Sign Equal Pay legislation
  • Expand the state Earned Income Tax Credit
  • Ensure workplace accommodations for nursing and pregnant mothers
  • Provide Caregiver and Child Care tax credits

Green Jobs

  • Invest in training for good-paying clean energy jobs
  • Set the goal of 100% renewable energy by 2050
  • Reaffirm New Jersey’s support for wind energy
  • Lead by example with solar & wind energy on public buildings
  • Expand funding for renewable energy research
  • Stop the diversion of funds from the Clean Energy Fund and DEP to fill budget holes

Banking & Financial Services

  • Enact measures to protect New Jersey from financial abuse
  • Pass consumer protections to shield citizens from economic abuse and financial scams


  • Honor existing pension obligations
  • Increase contributions to the pension fund
  • Stop double dipping in pensions

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