The Issues: Revitalizing Our Neighborhoods

Johnson for Governor: Discipline (TV)

K-12 Education

  1. Universal, High Quality Pre-K
  2. Universal Middle School After-School Programs
  3. Increased Funding for Community Schools And Wraparound Services
  • Fully fund the 2008 SFRA School Funding Formula and fix underfunding of special needs students
  • Implement systems of transparency, accountability and local input for charter schools
  • End the PARCC high school graduation requirement, which disproportionately burdens schools serving high-need populations

Reproductive Justice

  • Restore funding cut by Chris Christie to Planned Parenthood and other Reproductive Healthcare Organizations
  • Support bodily autonomy and a woman’s right to choose
  • Fight to ensure that all people have access to affordable healthcare

Energy and the Environment

  • Undertake immediate government action to fight against climate change
  • Repeal Executive Order 2 so that New Jersey can return to being an environmental leader
  • Publicly invest in renewable energy and energy efficiency
  • Restore funds to the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP)
  • Reopen the Office of Climate Change
  • Rejoin the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI)
  • Ensure that corporate polluters are held accountable
  • Stop the diversion of funds from The Clean Energy Funds and DEP to fill budget holes
  • Fund renewable energy research
  • Complete the Offshore Renewable Energy Certificate Program
  • Ban fracking in New Jersey indefinitely
  • Institute a moratorium on new pipelines and conduct thorough environmental reviews of all pipelines
  • Release the 2012 Water Supply Master Plan and support work to update it
  • Ensure advisory and regulatory boards meet regularly
  • Invest in repairing New Jersey’s water pipes
  • Update drinking water standards and strengthen regulations for dangerous chemicals in water
  • Restore funding to the Lead Hazard Abatement Fund and the Lead Hazard Control Assistance Fund
  • Protect environmentally sensitive areas and their aquifers


  • Work with the federal government and state legislature to protect those in Muslim, refugee, and immigrant communities who call New Jersey home
  • Create an Immigration Council to protect New Jersey’s immigrant communities
  • Provide driver’s licenses and other forms of identification to all residents, regardless of immigration status
  • Grant access to student financial aid, regardless of immigration status
  • Protect funding for municipalities that are considering becoming a sanctuary city


  • Create tax credits for affordable, mixed-income housing development
  • Ban donations that allow developers to opt-out of creating affordable units
  • Increase funding for rental assistance programs
  • Create Millennial-Targeted housing initiatives
  • Implement strong tenant protection laws

LGBTQ Issues and Record

  • Ensure schools are safe spaces for all students
  • Tackle transgender discrimination and strengthen anti-discrimination enforcement
  • Protect LGBTQ seniors
  • Ensure LGBTQ citizens have access to the health services they need
  • Jim has supported Presbyterian Welcome, which successfully advocated for the ordination of LGBTQ clergy in the Presbyterian Church USA
  • Jim’s agents led the investigation into the bombing of the Otherside Lounge, an LGBTQ bar
  • Jim has worked closely with Lamda Legal to protect the rights of LGBTQ youths

Higher Education

  • Free Community College for 2 Years for students from families with incomes below $90,000
  • A New Jersey Promise Program that gives first generation college students and students from poverty an opportunity to go to college and supports them throughout
  • A New Jersey Public Service program that:
  • Give families the information they need on student loans and end predatory loan practices
  • Fund vocational and technical education options to provide different pathways to success and meet economic needs
  • Increase funding to state colleges and universities to stem the tide of tuition increases


  • Fight against the Trump Administration’s threat to repeal the ACA and strip New Jerseyans of their healthcare
  • Stand up to anyone who attempts to cut Medicaid benefits or change the character of the Medicaid program
  • Enact legislation to cap staffing ratios so patients get the care they need
  • Reduce prescription drug prices by mandating transparency in pharmaceutical pricing, provider-supplier relationships, and CEO and executive compensation

Crime, Judiciary, and Law Enforcement

  • Implement community-based policing approaches that invests in the prevention of youth violence as opposed to increased penalties
  • Require outside special prosecutors for police involved shootings  
  • Strengthen background check laws
  • Support reintegration efforts for ex-offenders, including education and job training
  • Reform the practice of civil asset forfeiture
  • Prioritize resources to combat violent crime
  • Reduce unnecessary incarceration and end mandatory minimums
  • Increase mental health and drug treatment
  • Preserve and expand programs that end the school-to-prison pipeline and reduce recidivism
  • Legalize marijuana in safe and regulated manner
  • Ban private prisons

Civil Liberties and Human Rights

  • Uphold Roe v. Wade and protect safe and legal access to abortion
  • Restore family planning funding
  • Ensure funding for Planned Parenthood

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