The Issues: Reviving Trust in Government

Ethics & Governmental Affairs

  • Fill appointments to state boards with competent subject-matter experts
  • Eliminate no-bid contracts
  • Ban “Conflict of Interest” jobs for legislators and county officials
  • Ban staff or consultants who worked on gubernatorial campaigns from lobbying the Governor’s office
  • Stop the “revolving door” of lobbyists
  • Take a transparency pledge for the public, including releasing public meeting schedules
  • End double dipping in pensions

Campaign Finance & Election Law

  • Require full disclosure from Dark Money groups
  • Execute impartial redistricting reform
  • Fight against voter intimidation

Johnson for Governor: Discipline (TV)

Voting Rights

  • Fight to restore voting rights for incarcerated individuals, like Jim did for 5 years in the Johnson v. Bush case
  • Implement online, automatic, & same-day voter registration
  • Enact universal vote-by-mail, weekend voting, and expanded early voting opportunities
  • Reform ballot practices so no one candidate gets an unfair advantage
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