The Issues

Rebuilding Our Economy

New Jersey deserves an economy that works for everyone – not just a privileged few. Jim is committed to ensuring economic progress is shared and felt by all, and that it is sustainable for our children and their children. This means investing in our infrastructure, supporting innovation and improving our schools and job training programs.

Reviving Trust in Government

New Jersey needs to end the old-style Trenton politics of cutting insider deals with allies and punishing anyone who refuses to play ball. Crony politics has crippled our state for far too long—and it’s time for a new way of conducting the people’s business that includes and welcomes all New Jersey residents to have a stake in their government.

Revitalizing Our Neighborhoods

New Jersey’s strength comes from its neighborhoods, the cornerstones of our communities. But today, too many neighborhood needs have gone unheard and unmet by a state government more focused on currying favor with political insiders and special interests. Jim recognizes that for our lives together to improve, all of us will need to step up, and the governor will need to focus on making our communities vibrant so that families can thrive, not just survive, with better jobs, greater opportunity and excellent schools.

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